Surprise Baby Shower – A Pleasant Surprise For The Expectant Mom

Time has brought about changes in the way of throwing baby showers and a surprise baby shower is an offshoot of this process of alteration. Though not traditional, the idea of having surprise baby shower for the expectant mother is fast gaining popularity. As the name implies, this kind of shower is planned without disclosing it to the mommy-to-be. She is made to visit the venue of baby shower on one pretext or the other, where she discovers it because of the typical decorations and presence of guests.Pleasant surprises are always welcome, but if not planned with due consideration surprise baby shower may not prove to be so agreeable to the expectant mother. Or the mom-to-be may figure it out beforehand. Therefore, you need to keep in mind propriety of time and other aspects, and to plan it in an immaculate manner. Here are a few clues to holding a successful surprise baby shower.When To Have It?Most of the women are too nervous and apprehensive during their first pregnancy to appreciate any kind of surprises. Therefore, it is prudent not to have surprise baby shower when a woman is having her first baby. It is better to postpone it or think of holding a surprise shower during second or third pregnancies. For having already been through the process of childbirth, the expectant mothers are much more experienced and much less mired in anxiety. Further, you have to take extra care to ensure that time you choose for the party does not clash with any other commitment of the lady, her husband, and close family members. You may need to take someone very close to her in confidence for this purpose.Be Careful With The Invitation Cards:The invites you send to the guests for surprise baby shower must mention it categorically that it’s a surprise party. For the mom-to-be may happen to visit some guest’s house and come across the invite accidentally. Or some of the guests may happen to meet the mom and inadvertently divulge it to her. It is best to keep as little time between sending the invites and the date of surprise shower as possible.Decorations And The Gifts:Decorations for the surprise baby shower do not have to be any different from those for normal baby showers. It’s just that you can be a little more experimental and do not need to stick to the conventional baby shower decorations. The same thing goes for gifts for surprise showers. You do not need to restrict the gifts to baby items. You may opt to gift other useful items if you feel like. Baby shower favors are a nice way of expressing gratitude to the guests and appreciating their participation.It must be kept in mind that any kind of shower is aimed at cheering up the mom-to-be and relaxing her mind. You must make all efforts to ensure that the event does not prove to be tiresome for the expectant mother. Especially if it’s a surprise baby shower remember to ensure that the mommy-to-be is comfortable.